I’ve been struggling with severe migraines for 30 years

I’ve been struggling with severe migraines for 30 “Dear Eliyahu, I would like to thank you for the devoted and sensitive treatment that you’ve given all of us (my daughter, my husband and me). We all feel significantly better with our lives since the treatment. Especially me, who suffered from severe migraines for 30 years in a way that interfered with my daily life. Ever since the second treatment you could say that the pain has vanished and life is wonderful. My daughter, who also suffered from terrible headaches, feels great after the treatments. I recommend to anyone reading this lines, and in general anyone I know, who carries a problem with no explanation or cure, to visit you for a liberating treatment. I thank you wholeheartedly for everything.


I suffered from daily migraines

It’s been quite a while since my treatment, but I’ve been feeling for a long time now that I have to write to you to thank you.
I came to you with a broken and bleeding heart after many emotional turbulences, and to try to get rid of the migraines I’ve been suffering from for years.
You welcomed me with a smile, ready to listen and with lots of patience. Throughout the treatment I felt tingling and some pain in the places you put pressure on, but the pain was liberating.
At the end of the treatment and afterwards I felt like the rust was washed off my body, and my joy was returning to me. I felt like you blew on the ember in my heart and it is slowly starting to burn again.
I can finally open my heart again, and the migraines have improved so significantly it’s like they were never there.
Beyond that, I’d like to thank you for existing and I feel that what you do is a kind of mission. You have an enormous heart and soul and right from the start I felt that you do what you do with a great passion and will to help others.
Many thanks again,
And I’m sure we’ll meet again in the future.

Effective treatment for headaches

Dear Eliyahu,
I came to you with one problem, and got a solution for two!
My headaches have bothered me for years, getting longer, stronger and more frequent.
Painkillers stopped working.
And then luckily I mer you.
Right away I got a good feeling of professionalism from you.
I didn’t really understand how you do it, but honestly, it doesn’t really matter.
On our first session you did a thorough and detailed examination, and another problem came up – difficulty falling asleep.
We had a few sessions in your calming clinic.
I felt like I was in good hands the whole way!
And indeed after several sessions, there was a drastic improvement in headaches and in falling asleep.
The improvement in my quality of life is wonderful, and for that I am grateful to you.
I highly recommend Eliyahu Sapir!!!
Limor, Ramat Ha’Sharon


After a few sessions my migraines disappeared!

Eliyahu Sapir – you came to me like Elijah the prophet.
They say that a person needs a spiritual mentor – a therapist. The universe will provide them, and they just need to keep their eyes peeled for them!
I came to you after looking up Dr. Nader Butto, I looked for emotional therapy for unexplained dizzy spells.
From the first session you had a questionnaire through which you recognized unresolved incidents in my life, as well as energy washout and touch therapy!
You helped me get in touch with myself, to dig around and emotionally express the things I repressed unknowingly.
After a few sessions my migraines disappeared! The dizzy spells reduced in frequency! With your help, I feel so much better and happier.
I know we will meet again in the future, and now I need time to process!
To me, you are not just Eli, but the spiritual Elijah.