A Fearless Skeptic

I wanted to use this platform to write down what happened to me. I came to Eliyahu because I felt like I was stuck, disconnected from my body and my emotions. Despite going through long therapy sessions, despite the fact that I know how to analyze and be aware of different scenarios, I couldn’t put my finger on how to solve this disconnect. I should mention that I am a big skeptic and don’t really believe in anything (I wanted to say that I believe in nothing but Gravity, but for the majority of human existence no one believed in it). I wasn’t feeling a big change after my first session with Eliyahu, and not shortly after. But over a year later, I’m at a totally different place. I went back to my beloved profession (which I believe is a big part of what I was destined to do on this earth), rediscovered my sexuality, and let go of my feelings of guilt which have persistently accompanied me for as long as I can remember. My body feels different, far less tense, and more at ease. And I’m not scared anymore, of anything at all. I won’t say that going to Eliyahu was the only thing that made this change, but it is likely that it opened some gaps and blockages which allowed this change to take place.


powerful experience

Dear Eliyahu,

I wanted to thank you for the powerful experience you gave me. It’s been a few days since my energetic wash, and I can sense how this process continues to deepen inside of me every single day. Our sessions themselves were a fascinating journey towards my inner self, which made me feel like I have lost 10 Kg of negative patterns and behaviours, that even though I knew were harmful, couldn’t get rid of myself. I’m a self-aware person and have done a lot of self-work for a long period of time, and during our sessions things just got released and let go in an incredibly powerful way that I have never experienced before. I felt how I’m freeing myself of guilt, doubt, shame, regret, and other emotions that I’m not even sure how to categorize, who were weighting on me. It was a spiritually uplifting, tension relieving and deeply moving experience. After the very first day I could see different situations in my life in whole new perspectives, and to make decisions and choices not from a place of victimhood and guilt (which never lead to anything good), but from a powerful place, knowing that I’m protected and loved, that I have a choice and a say when it comes to my life, and that the path I choose to walk on will lead me exactly where I need to be, as I have to take control of the process and the choices That will benefit me.  I Couldn’t have asked for a better, more attentive, compassionate, or aware person then you to walk me through this process and cover me with compassion and kindness. The way you allowed me to confide in you with no judgment or criticism have allowed me to truly let go of this useless burden I was carrying on my shoulders for so long. I thank you and I’m looking forward to the rest of our journey 🙂



I Was Sexually Abused

I would like to share a traumatic experience that happened to me when I was a little girl. When I was around 4 or 5, a stranger sexually abused me. It ended quickly, but it scarred me for life. This scar stayed with me for years and years. I kept this secret with a feeling of hopelessness and shame. I went through psychological treatment and brought it up, as I thought that talking about it could help me heal. I even shared this traumatic experience with my partner, which also helped a bit. Then I got divorced (for other reasons of course) and went to therapy again, in which this trauma was identified as a crucial factor negatively affecting many aspects of my personal and romantic life, among them not being able to give birth, even though there was no identifiable physiological problem. I came to Eliyahu to in order to release my body from tension, and aided by his incredible intuition and compassion, I shared my traumatic past with him. Eliyahu led our session peacefully and gently and made me feel like I want to release this trauma that was burdening my life, to free myself from this lump that suffocated my life and my body. I wanted to share my story because I know there are thousands of women (and more than a few men) that have shared similar experiences, and that the trauma derived from it plays a big role in their lives, while stopping them from reaching their full potential (in my case even the ability to give birth). I want all of you to look in the mirror and say enough!!! I deserve a full life, free of the shadows that are trying to contaminate them, to live in the light, be at peace with my body and soul, and in some cases become a parent. I want to Thank you Eliyahu Sapir and to my inner child that said enough!!! I can live my life, I’m the one who decides who I am and who I can be, And I always choose new love, decisions, and beginnings.

Chagit, 48. Tel Aviv

guidance and care

Dear Eliyahu,
We came to you while being in the darkest place that we have ever been in, feeling that we as parents could not help our son anymore, who suffers from a difficult and persistent disease that have brought complex mental problems, a low self-esteem, social issues and more… after years and years of going to Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and social workers, we were obviously very skeptic when we were told about you. How could we not be after all these years? But from our very first introductory conversation, we saw how gentle and understanding you are, which made us decide to go for it, and believe that it just might work 🙂
That’s when the magic started to happen. You and our son met, and a great bond was formed from the very first session. He thoroughly enjoyed your conversation and couldn’t wait for the next time he’ll get to talk to you again. The decision to extend this bond into multiple sessions has been so right for him, and today, I’m proud to say with tears of joy in my eyes, that our son is in a whole other place!!! He is so much Happier, calmer, more confident and perhaps most importantly, was told by his doctors that he can get off those meds he took for years and years!!!
Dear Eliyahu, you are not only an amazing human being, but your guidance and care quite literally saved our son, and no words could ever capture our sense of gratitude towards you ♥️♥️♥️

A Few Years of Psychoanalysis

Just two sessions with Eliyahu Sapir have almost miraculously released blockages and residual feelings that were buried deep down inside of me, ones that affected my happiness and spontaneity. In my humble opinion, this deeply meaningful change in my well-being, peacefulness and happiness is on par with a few years of professional Psychoanalysis treatment, and perhaps even more. It is Highly recommended, a gift that everyone should give themselves. Eliyahu has incredible intuition, a wonderfully warm attitude, and a kind heart, while of course being highly professional.

Thank you J


I discovered that I’m pregnant

I came to Eliyahu for the first time almost 4 years ago…
A woman suffering from Crohn’s disease and Fibromyalgia, with tremendous will and ambition to find herself in this world, and to finally conceive a daughter after giving birth to two boys. I arrived at Eliyahu’s clinic filled with doubts, fears, and energetic blockages, with my confidence being at an all-time low… But with the help of a magical and tension releasing treatment which incorporates deep conversations, Bach flowers, therapeutic touch and breathing exercises (who knew there was even such a thing as proper and healthy breathing?) I have experienced visions deeply derived from my strong intuition about giving birth, and about how this pregnancy will lead me forward in my path…
Looking back, it is very clear to me that it was Eliyahu who helped plant the seeds who blossomed into the person I am today, and lead me to the path I chose to walk on…
Our sessions only stopped when I discovered that I’m pregnant (My lovely daughter is 3 years old today), and I have also learned NLP and became an alternative medicine therapist myself…
Eliyahu is peaceful, loving, attentive and non-judgmental, while of course being extremely precise and professional…
Years and years of ordinary Therapy sessions by multiple Psychologists have never made such a tremendous positive impact on my way of life and feelings as Eliyahu did, and for that I will always be grateful and remember our positive and empowering sessions very fondly…
I can’t recommend him enough!!!

A therapist with deep intuitive sensitivity.

I came to Eliyahu after already visiting several therapists, and I had very few expectations.
The issued that needed to be addressed were emotional and deep.
I’ve been attending this therapy for 10 months, and after each session, I left in a completely different place, mentally, from the one I was in when I came.
And with each session, the inner change could be felt becoming more and more apparent…
Eliyahu treats people from a place of deep intuitive sensitivity, with full attention and presence.
He can spot fakes quickly – he knows how to attune the mind, and the attention, and knows exactly where are the correct energetic “taps” for that day, how to activate them, at what intensity, and precisely which extracts to mix.
I don’t know how he does it, but all of it combined together has an incredible effect.
Thanks to Eliyahu, I was finally able to advance to a new mental and emotional state.
A truly blessed therapist. I sincerely thank you, dear Eliyahu.
I recommend him from the bottom of my heart.

The thought that a male stranger will touch me

I’ve began Eliyahu’s therapy about a year ago. I began attending this therapy following recommendation from family members, who had undergone Eliyahu’s treatment as well. A year ago, I was happy and joyous – like I am today, but not quite the same. Before the first session with Eliyahu, the thought that a male stranger will touch me scared me, and continuous doubts about his dignity were always on my mind – which prevented me from opening and becoming more immersed in the therapy. Eliyahu’s loving and caring character, somewhat father-like even, helped me overcome my doubts and trust him fully right after the first session. This first session began with energetic wash out, during which I relaxed, shook, cried, and disconnected from all the things that I didn’t even know that were bothering and burdening me. Of course, I returned for another session, and eventually, the therapy became more about forward thinking and development, and less about dealing with the past. I felt that Eliyahu understands me, and knows what’s right for me. Together, we could point the finger on the things that prevented me from developing further, that stood in my way. Among those, was a lot of criticism I had, both towards myself, and my surroundings, pressure, and a constant desire to please others, which made me forget myself completely in most cases. Eliyahu gave me the instruments with which I could overcome the obstacles not only during therapy sessions, but also on my own, between sessions. I understand that I have great potential, which I failed to realize with way of conduct, and understood that I must embrace this potential. Of course, the fact that Eliyahu always gave me a feeling that he believes in me was very significant to me. I haven’t come to Eliyahu with a specific fear or problem, but rather, simply to improve myself and live life as best as I could. So, I am still happy and joyous as I was a year ago, but different – better (with, of course, room for more improvement)
Gil, 19

To guide you to yourself

“A special session of a special man! In an accessible safe way Eli knows how to put you at ease and to guide you to yourself, to the core. Blockades are removed so that you are able to answer questions like who am I or what and how I can realize my dreams independently. I recommend it for anyone who wants to move forward lovingly. Eli is professional and effective, he knows what he is doing and what he is talking about. The peace and trust that he gives you makes you even more open to the treatment and can be pure yourself. He has made me think and given tools. Now I recognize more my unrest moments and know how to deal with this. Eli is a pleasant and very knowledgeable man who brings something that can not be described. Stability, peace and confidence, that’s how I left the room.”


The body is floating. Liberated. Free

“Wow!!!! I don’t know how to explain. I have no words. Only sensations. The body is floating. Liberated. Free. The shoulders don’t hurt. Although I cried a lot, I am not exhausted. I do feel excited. Connected. Loved. Loving. I was crying. Screaming. Breathing. Getting mad. Pounding. I fell apart. Reconnected. I was in pain. I hated. I loved. I got emotional. I met. I met myself. I met myself as the little girl that I was. I felt sorry for her. I loved her. I walked hand in hand with her. Like a big, loving, guarding sister. With a lot of love. And a lot of closeness. With great, pleasant warmth that passed between us. Great, pleasant warmth that embraced us. I could say to her “I love you! I love you!!!” And now I say to her – Let’s go with courage. Let’s go as heroes. Let’s go with health. Let’s go to the end. With no fear. We are here together, strong and brave. We will live. Be happy, go crazy over my husband and the kids, go for it, be ourselves, let everything we have bottled up inside of us out in the open. Give ourselves love, plenty of it, because we deserve it!!!! M.”