Anxiety: “Let Change grow, don’t be scared of fear itself

As a part of our evolutionary survival instincts, our bodies have an immediate reaction to stressful situations – no matter if they pose a real threat or derive from anxiety. In a threatening state, our nervous system is preparing our body on multiple fronts in order to provide sufficient energy for our muscles. Adrenaline hormones are being released and are causing rapid changes in our bodies – our heart rate and blood pressure increase, our blood vessels shrink, our mouth gets dry, our eyes get wider, and our entire body gets into a kind of “standby” mode.

בחורה בחרדות


We all react differently to these situations – some of us try to fight back, some attempt to run away, and some freeze and having a difficulty to act. Our reaction is not really conscious or controlled by us, and it is only when we are exposed to some kind of threat that will reveal know what our specific reaction is. This mechanism is of course very efficient and has great evolutionary benefits. But when we feel threatened emotionally and not physically, as it is often the case in our day and age, it can negatively damage our ability to function. It makes it harder for our bodies to recover, causes memory loss, weaken our immune system, and the emotional effects are beyond measure…

Introducing: Anxiety…

When a threat approaches us, the problem is that sometimes our defense mechanism kicks in when there is no viable threat – that is when anxiety happens. When in a state of anxiety, we feel great fear taking over us in different strength levels, and a feeling that something bad is about to happen. In most cases, anxiety stems from negative thinking that can cause a chain of scary thoughts, harmful sensations, stress, feelings of hopelessness and a perceived lack of control – to which our body reacts and activates our defense mechanism, with no imminent or immediate danger in sight.

What do we feel in our bodies?

  • Nausea
  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Increased blood pressure and heart rate

Beyond the physiological syndromes, that can lead to physical issues down the road, the psychological impacts such as low set esteem and feelings of helplessness can damage our day to day lives, including our relationships and our professional success. In its essence, anxiety leads to avoidance, as our natural tendency is to avoid things that we’re scared of. When that fear isn’t derived from an imminent threat, we are prone to avoiding social situations and basic things that are essential to our daily lives and we’ll being, which only make our anxiety worse…

I reach my hand out to you

 You deserve to be happy!

Anxiety can be paralyzing and become a heavy burden on our lives.

During our session, we’ll attempt to identify the root of the problem, and the exact location in your body in which it set up shop. When we find that blockage, we’ll attempt to release it and let go, realizing that there is no imminent danger, and that we are protected.

With the help of a positive and healthy discussion, as well as a mixture of therapeutic tools such as Bach Flowers and an Energetic Wash, we will release your anxiety together and learn how rot take important steps towards a calmer, more positive and happier lives.

Join me in facing your fears, enjoying the present, and moving with confidence towards the future.