Personal growth

Personal growth - Deepening Inwards and Enhancing Your Inner Light

“We know what we are, but not what we may be”/ William Shakespeare

Experiencing Growth While Enjoying The Process

When I see the growth happening in my clinic, I get excited just like Lavi did all these years ago. Only this time, it is not the corn seeds that are growing but my patients, who choose to come to me and walk in the path of self-developed and growth. Although some of them arrive at my clinic after experiencing moments of crisis and confusion, I also welcome patients that seek to simply improve their quality of life out of a pure and heightened sense of self awareness.
Do you experience a calling to grow your inner light?
Do you have an inner force asking for a powerful and positive change from where you at right now?
Does your soul longs for growth, and seeks the right tools?
Are you ready to deepen your body and soul connection?
I open my door for you to my clinic, a gate towards a path that leads to a better life on which you’ll step confidently, fully, and freely.

תמונה של שתיל, צמיחה אישית וצמיחה רוחנית - לצמוח ולהנות מהתהליך!

Onwards, Inwards, and Into One

For over twenty years I have gathered a variety of tools and techniques which I whole heartedly believe in their power and effectiveness. I have sharpened my craft and the tools that I possess with each patient along the way, and while making sure they all get the proper “watering” they need to grow – just like the corn seeds that Lavi was taking such great care of. Throughout my own journey, I have developed a unique method which incorporates all the knowledge I have acquired over the years – “Free Flow”

The Energetic Wash

Using the energetic wash, a method developed by the acclaimed Dr. Nader Butto, I allow each  of my patients to strengthen and deepen their connection to their selves, to look deep inside and determine which relationships, feelings, or habits have a positive impact on their lives, which are benefiting and helping them, and which are no longer needed, and it is time to let go, say goodbye and move on with their lives.

I also use a mixed batch of Bach flowers – an incredible tool that helps personal growth. It aids releasing emotional and energetic blockages that are stopping us from developing and growing. With a precise, personalized, and accurate mix, my patients get the necessary tools to face any obstacle, to make their reality brighter and to discover their deepest sense of self.

“All personal breakthroughs begin with a change of beliefs” / Tony Robins

Each one of us have our own unique path towards personal growth – corn seeds are not raised to be a tomato, and a tomato is nothing like a broccoli. Every garden within our hearts begins as a small seed of self-love and acceptance. If you Prepare your inner ground for change and be willing to open yourself up to the process, you’ll notice an Immeasurably powerful change.

I reach my hand out to you – the ones who have a deep longing for change, great courage and motivation – to join me in breaking the barriers and changing the beliefs that will open the door for you towards a deeper, more exciting lives.