Dear Eliyahu!
I wanted to thank you for the powerful experience I went through with your help. It’s been several days since my energetic washout and every day I feel how the process becomes more and more embedded in me and becomes a part of me.
The treatment itself was a fascinating journey into my own self, and afterwards I felt as if I lost 10kg of patterns that I knew were not helping me, but that I didn’t know how to get rid of.
I am a person with self-awareness, and I did a lot of work with myself for a long time, and during the treatment things were just flowing out so powerfully, and I felt all the guilt, self-deprecation, shame, regret, and other things I can’t find words for but that sat heavy on my soul, all leaving me.
It was an experience of spiritual elation and physical release, it was exhilarating.
The day after the treatment I was able to see certain situations in my life from a different perspective, and make choices and decisions not from a place of suffering, victimhood and guilt that never lead to good things, but from a place of strength and with clear knowledge that I am protected and loved, that I have a choice and that that path I choose will lead me exactly where I need to be and in a way that I can embrace the process, and that all of the options standing before me are good and helpful for me.
I couldn’t ask for a more attentive, accepting and aware therapist to guide me through the process and envelope me with so much caring.
The confidence you gave me, that I can let everything out with you and there’s no judgement or criticism from your direction, allowed me to truly let go of all this extra baggage I’ve been carrying on my shoulders for so long.
I thank you, and am definitely coming back for the rest of the process