Headaches and migraines

It’s All in Your Mind

One of the biggest issues in recent years is headaches – a phenomenon that is very common among women and men of all ages. Migraines is one of the most common forms of headaches, and perhaps the most irritating. Throughout history, people have suffered from headaches, roughly in the same numbers despite recent medical advancements. Which raises the question: what is the reason for their continued and persistent existence?

אישה עם כאבי ראש

Obstacles Along the Way

Beyond the physical pain and side effects of headaches such as tiredness, nausea and blurry vision, the quality of life of people dealing with it is affected in a very negative way, especially if it’s chronic. They force us to give up on plans, decrease our energy and morale, and are a huge obstacle in the way of achieving our full potential. In most cases, modern medicine deals with this issue by giving out medications – which decrease the pain in the short term but don’t take aim at the root of the problem. That is why many people turn to alternative medicine in order to find long term solutions for their pain and of course – having more clarity and peace of mind.

Serious Emotional Therapy

The good news is that we can try and prevent these headaches from happening at all. Especially when they come and go, and do not stem from any serious physiological issue or include symptoms affiliated with certain viruses and disease, it is highly likely that the pain stems from an emotional problem. Stress, pressure and worry who accompany us in our day to day lives do not allow us to breath properly and can affect the amount of oxygen entering our brains. what happens is that it sets the stage for the creation of headaches and migraines. In addition, many times emotional traumas from our past are resurfaced in multiple way throughout our lives. When a negative experience in our past was not processed and dealt with properly, it can cause an energetic blockage that will signal its existence though forms of physical pain in our bodies.

Imagine a warning light in our cars – when it blinks, it directs our attention into a problem with our vehicle, in which the solution is to go to a mechanic. Our bodies operate in a similar way. When our headache is happening, it signals that we have a problem we need to direct our attention to, and to take care of it in a thoughtful, purposeful and long-term way.

I believe that therapy releases our emotional traumas from our past and helps up deal with tensions in our lives, can also help headaches vanish from our day to day lives.

Turn Off the Light

When patients approach me with such warning lightbulb, I’m interest in understanding the root of the problem and preventing it from coming back. Whether it’s headaches or other disorders, with The Energetic Wash Treatment and numerous tools and techniques that I have acquired throughout my journey, I will dive in with you into the emotional roots of the problem that is causing the pain, find the energy blockage and release it. That’s how we’ll restore the harmony between mind and body and most importantly – lead you towards a healthy, calm and pain free lives.

Take my hand and join me in a journey in which we will reach the top of the hill with peace of mind, clarity and harmony.