After a few sessions my migraines disappeared!

Eliyahu Sapir – you came to me like Elijah the prophet.
They say that a person needs a spiritual mentor – a therapist. The universe will provide them, and they just need to keep their eyes peeled for them!
I came to you after looking up Dr. Nader Butto, I looked for emotional therapy for unexplained dizzy spells.
From the first session you had a questionnaire through which you recognized unresolved incidents in my life, as well as energy washout and touch therapy!
You helped me get in touch with myself, to dig around and emotionally express the things I repressed unknowingly.
After a few sessions my migraines disappeared! The dizzy spells reduced in frequency! With your help, I feel so much better and happier.
I know we will meet again in the future, and now I need time to process!
To me, you are not just Eli, but the spiritual Elijah.