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“When despair is out to get you – don’t give it a hand” Finding out about cancer… A doctor informing a patient that they have cancer is perhaps one of the most frightening moments we as human beings


As a part of our evolutionary survival instincts, our bodies have an immediate reaction to stressful situations – no matter if they pose a real threat or derive from anxiety


In this day and age, many women encounter great difficulty when trying to conceive. There are many reasons for these difficulties among women – from physical disease


Headaches and Migraines – It’s All in Your Mind One of the biggest issues in recent years is headaches – a phenomenon that is very common among women and men of all ages. Migraines is one of the most common

Sleep disorders

Sleep is one of our most basic needs… Sleep is a vital and crucial component in our mental and physical health, just like eating and drinking, and it is often affected by our activities throughout the day

sexual trauma

Sadly, many of us suffer from the consequence of sexual trauma, whether that be sexual harassment or assault. According to the statistics by the Israeli aid center for victims of sexual assault,

Personal growth

When I see the growth happening in my clinic, I get excited just like Lavi did all these years ago. Only this time, it is not the corn seeds that are growing but my patients, who choose to come to me and walk in the

Emotional eating

In our day and age, a problem that becomes more and more common is automatic eating. Without any sensical thought process or judgment, many of us find ourselves take comfort in food, usually as.

Phobias & fears

But only a few of us have an extreme kind of fear – Phobia. Fear in general is a healthy sensation that protects us from imminent danger and helps us respond to a threat.The difference between fear and phobia is

Free Flow

My journey in which I obtained therapeutic tools and techniques that allow me to ease my patient’s pain, have led me into meticulously polishing my craft with every patient that I have encountered. I realized that emotional blockage is related to the,


In modern times, the need to always be in control and fulfill all of our tasks, while of course doing everything perfectly, is often times not a realistic goal, which can put us under an unbearable amount of stress.

Energetic wash

In today’s day and age, the strong connection between our body and soul becomes more and more apparent. The energetic wash is a unique system developed by prominent cardiologist Dr. Nader Butto, that is based on