“When despair is out to get you – don’t give it a hand”

Finding out about cancer…

A doctor informing a patient that they have cancer is perhaps one of the most frightening moments we as human beings can experience. Alongside with the physical and bodily aspects of the disease, just like any other, Cancer has two other crucial aspects: the emotional and mental components. Dealing with Cancer is challenging for both the patient and their loved ones, and can often raise fear, discomfort, and confusion, as well as lots of existential questions regarding their path in life, questions that can lead to feelings of guilt and deep sadness.

מדרגות עולות

Cancer and stress are intertwined 

Naturally, most cancer patients are under constant stress that begins the moment they receive the news that they have the disease, but often remains with them long after the treatment is over. Another issue is that constant stress affects our day-to-day function and our immune system, which makes it difficult for our body to regain balance and heal itself. Therefore, lowering stress levels is of huge importance, especially when dealing with cancer, in order to support the immune system and to aid our physical and mental healing process.

Dealing with constant tiredness 

More than often, dealing with cancer forces the patient to gather up all of their mental strength and energy, which makes them susceptible to a constant sense of tiredness and mental drainage. They are exposed to an extensive amount of medical information in a very short period, while also dealing with the treatment’s side effects, piles of paperwork, and at times running from one clinic to the other on a regular basis. The bottom line is that the cancer patient’s life completely changes almost overnight, and their focus shifts almost entirely on the disease itself.

More than often, all a person dealing with cancer wants is to experience some peace and quiet, take a break from the constant struggles of the disease and have to a supportive, non-judgmental environment that will allow them to express themselves freely and to heal. For over 20 years in which I helped many patients, among them cancer patients, I have developed a unique and effective method that is incredibly efficient in guiding the cancer patients with the help of tools and techniques that I have acquired over the years, among them the energetic wash developed by Dr. Nader Butto. I go on a journey an internal journey with my patients, in which I provide them a supportive and relaxing environment. Using the energetic wash, patients let go of deep negative experiences and past traumas that caused energetic blockage, and therefore clean their souls while allowing the energy in their body flow harmoniously and to connect to their inner healing powers.

The form of touch which I use during the session, is an ancient and effective tool that allows me to give my patients support, a sense of security and to wrap them with love. It relaxes their nervous system, lowers stress levels and allows for the release of endorphins – our natural pain relievers. In a process that invites a deep dive into the depths of one’s soul, I allow my patients to take a break few from their busy routine, look back on their past, look forward for their future and perhaps most importantly – recharge themselves with the energy to keep moving forward. Hand in hand, I allow my patients to make conscious decisions regarding what is right or wrong for them, and where are the places or situations in which they should take the wheel and prevent their disease to dictate their lifestyle.

Every ending is a new beginning 

At the end of the treatment, my gift to my patients is an opportunity to get on a new path – one that is calmer, more peaceful, and more connected to their inner selves. My goal throughout this whole process is to aid my patients to lower their stress levels and leave my clinic with greater knowledge of how to deal with the disease, both physically and mentally.

I offer you a supportive and guiding treatment, one time or reoccurring, alongside with your ongoing medical treatment – to learn more about yourselves, to deal with your fears and to allow you to focus on your recovery. My door is always open to you – I’ll be your rock, your shoulder to cry on and a sympathetic ear that is always willing to help.

Join me and discover your inner peace and head towards the fight against cancer with confidence and courage – together