Dear Eliyahu,
First of all, thank you. I came to you through a recommendation from a friend – I’ve never gone through emotional therapy in my life, and other than the television program and Nader Butto’s part about emotional therapy that I saw once I was never really familiar with that world.
Throughout the last 20 years I did go through psychological treatment, I understood my thought processes and coping strategies and improves my ability to solve some conflicts in my life. I read books about spirituality and attended wonderful workshops. I came to you as a relatively self-aware person.
After the first session which was very powerful, I felt a feeling I didn’t have before, and I felt that layer after layer of fears and blocks left my body. It’s like you completely shook them off of my life.
It’s completely different from understanding mental processes. I described the feeling to a close friend as if its 20 years of therapy in one session.
I walked around feeling light and happy, with courage, an ability to feel more natural around other people. I felt wonderful… and I knew, in the same way I know the sun rises, that my body went through great healing! I am a relatively happy and strong person – and after the treatment I felt that the layers that were underneath all of that happiness – layers of fear, sadness and frustration – were gone.
I still had doubts and worried about certain steps I wanted to take in my life, but the strong feelings of fear I had about them before the treatment reduced significantly after the session. Today, about a month after the session with you, I made a significant leap in my life and in my personal career, and I am so grateful to you for it! I feel like in the personal aspect as well, a lot of my fears disappeared and I feel so peaceful, I have a calm and stable feeling of inner security.
Thank you for this wonderful gift!
I have already recommended you to some of my close friends, and I think whoever comes to you has so much to gain from you!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you’ve helped me so much