Wash out energy

Energetic wash out by Dr. Nader Butto's Method

The energetic wash using the Dr Nader Buttto system 

In today’s day and age, the strong connection between our body and soul becomes more and more apparent. The energetic wash is a unique system developed by prominent cardiologist Dr. Nader Butto, that is based on the connection between our body and mind, and on the idea that every experience or trauma we go through, whether conscious or unconscious, can deeply affect our physical health.
I’ve been a firm believer in this method and incorporating it in my own therapeutic way For over 12 years, and even got a chance to meet Dr Butto, help him to authorize therapists using his method and to accompany him in numerous clinics and masterclasses aimed to popularize the energetic wash.
When there’s a bad processing of a negative experience, that can express itself both physically and emotionally – as a physical pain or disease, an emotional barrier or an unlikely and negative behavior.  Conventional medicine often examines a problem by its symptoms, and doesn’t go deeper into understanding the root of the problem, or it’s holistic connection to the body. That is why many patients who approach me lost all hope and remained without an answer for their pain or personal issues.

Washing our body with positive energy

The energetic wash is meant to release energy blockage in our bodies, which includes our chakras and our meridians. Physical and mental health can only occur when our bodily energy is free flowing within our body – from our head all the way to our toes. Traumas and negative experiences can block the natural flow of energy in our bodies, the energetic wash opens the blockage, increases our positivity and strengthens our immune system. It also provides us the ability to deal with crisis and challenges more effectively and an overall better feeling.

Release your energy blockage and pain

The energetic wash is suited for most people of all ages. It is meant for anyone who want to improve their lives, both physically and mentally and go through the process of releasing energetic blockage, while making space for the positive things in their lives. The energetic wash can help in a number of conditions, including stress, headaches, emotional eating, sleeping problems, emotional crisis’s, trauma, anxiety and more.

The treatment also fits when there’s no visible or moment problem- when you feel good and just want to feel even better. The Energetic wash can increase and maximize personal growth, self-awareness and self-empowerment. If there’s a feeling of being stuck in any aspect of life- whether that be professionally, family issues or overall decision making- the energetic wash can connect us to our inner voice and aid us in finding the right path for our success and happiness. However, the treatment is not fitting to people with severe mental illness, pregnant women, people with irregular heart problems and for very young children.

“It doesn’t matter how hard was the past. You can always start over” – Gautama Buddha

The energetic wash consists of over the clothes touch, squeezes, accompanied by my personal guidance and breathing exercises. While being under treatment, there might be a flow of past events and bad experiences that were left buried deep within your souls, being released. The releases of this blocked energy can result in laughter, shaking, crying, in the most natural way of your bodies. Giving in snd allowing the treatment to work will lead you to a immense feeling of peace and relief.

The energetic wash is an experiential and personal treatment, and I will later teach you the technique behind it so you could do it yourselves, before going to bed for example, in order to relax, let go of the troubles of the day and free yourself from pain- both physically and emotional.