A feeling that I am in a bigger womb than the one from which I came

I came very excited to my therapy session. I didn’t exactly know what’s going to happen, but I did know, is that my desire to become free can only take me so far if I do not trust the experience. I first had a conversation with Eliyahu, during which he identified the bonds and significant experiences through which I lived, and thus pinpointed the points which I would want to address during the treatment. The treatment itself is another experience entirely. Very powerful. I felt as if the body is shaking away experiences, memories, fears, and old pains. Without any control on my end. But with a full and firm control on Eliyahu’s. Afterwards, while my body is still shaking, I felt an immense flow enter my body, through the palms of my hands, which then spread to the rest of my body. Eliyahu explained this to me, and reassured me, so that I will not fear the process and we could continue. It has been five hours after the therapy. All feelings of future, past, for and against – all were but gone. Only tranquility and resilience remained. An inner peace. Only the breathing. A feeling as if I am in a bigger womb than the one from which I came.