Emotional eating

אישה בוחרת מתוקים מהמקרר

“Where there is health, there is hope, and when there is hope – nothing is impossible”

In our day and age, a problem that becomes more and more common is automatic eating. Without any sensical thought process or judgment, many of us find ourselves take comfort in food, usually as a reaction to an external factor or condition.

Ask yourselves…

Do you find yourself constantly opening and closing the fridge out of boredom?
Do you finish eating without noticing you even ate?
Do you turn to food even when you are not hungry?
Do you feel like you “must” have dessert after every meal, or to calm your anger down by eating?
Do you feel guilt or shame after you eat?
If you answered yes to some of these questions, you may suffer from emotional eating.

Comfort food – a Short Term Solution

When we are emotionally overwhelmed and think that there is nothing in our power to deal with it, we try to find comfort in food that makes us feel better. That is how eating becomes a tool we use to make negative emotions go away, avoid feelings of guilt, sadness, loneliness, anger and stress among other things.
 But there is, of course, a crucial fault to this method. It is that food is digested quickly, and the feeling that it provided us fades away while the negative emotions remain and can even become more damaging. Emotional eating throws us into a cycle of negative emotions, while eating itself provides further negativity and feelings of guilt and hopelessness, which we try to calm down again with the use of food. This vicious cycle can go on and on… unless we decide to do something about it.

Beyond the cycle of guilt

Emotional eating can bring additional damages and devastating consequences. It can completely disrupt our natural sense of hunger and appetite, make us more inclined to being overweight and perhaps worst of all, putting us at risk of developing severe eating disorders. Feelings of guilt that are raised by eating that do not stem from hunger, can make us feel a false need to punish or cleanse ourselves when we eat and get rid of additional food.
When we begin to get used to using such tools to deal with our negative feelings, that are opposite to the natural processes in our bodies throwing up or too intense sports activities the past towards a more difficult life begins

Regaining Self-Awareness and Self Control

The first step on the path of dealing with emotional eating in a healthy way, is recognizing that emotional eating is a message, an alarm meant to let us know that something isn’t right. Past traumas, stress, difficult relationships, sexual traumas, professional difficulties, break up from a partner or any other difficulty in life can be overwhelming and flood us with negative emotions that feel just too difficult to bear. These feelings enhance our need to search for a quick, short-term solutions to feel better about ourselves and that is why we turn to automated eating and emotional eating so often
This is not a condition within our control, and that is why it is not our fault. Over the years, we’ve developed this emotional eating mechanism as a way of dealing and protecting our soul from negative feelings and emotions and avoid them. Once we realize that and forgive ourselves, we could channel our energy towards searching different, better ways of dealing with the lack of emotional security, certainty and the difficulties we had to solve.
Healing from emotional eating begins first and foremost with emotional therapy. We need to solve the emotional pain behind our negative eating habits, and the sensations and feelings that lead to it.

Regaining mental and physical balance

For over 20 years I have gathered tools and techniques that are most effective in my opinion, to better the connection between our bodies and our souls. Meeting my patient and having them come for a session at my clinic and help them go towards a new path while also helping me sharpen the tools that I have gathered over the years.
I invite you for an incredibly beneficial, unique and effective treatment using my signature method for releasing emotional blockage that can create negative experiences from the past, as well as help you better process your emotional state. In a combination of techniques personalized specifically for you, an Energetic Wash for reflowing healthy energy, as well as personalizing your own bath flowers, I help my patients go back to an emotional balance, both during our session and long after it is over.
My clinic is always here for you to treat the root of the problem and the emotional difficulties, to step towards the path for a better quality of life, a life that doesn’t involve constant circulating around the fridge.

I open my door to you, a door that leads towards healing…

Join me and release the negative emotions and emptiness with heathy and effective tools for personalized specifically for you and for your own personal journey.