as men and women are like trees, seeking to bear fruit

In this day and age, many women encounter great difficulty when trying to conceive. There are many reasons for these difficulties among women – from physical disease such as endometriosis all the way to mental factors such as stress, imbalanced daily routines. With new technologies and medical innovations, more and more advanced and methods for helping fertility problems are being developed, but many of them can be extremely demanding, and can cause a lot of frustration and disappointment. The immense stress that accompanies this experience, along with the difficulty to conceive, while also having to deal with the constant interest of the people around you, can be a lot to handle. It can negatively affect your relationships, your ability to function on a daily basis, and even lower the chance of conceiving. I believe that many solutions are hidden within the body’s connection to our souls, and when you guide these feelings to a different more calming place – miraculous things can happen.

אישה בהריון

preparing a fertile ground ready for planting

In order to bear fruit, a seed needs to be planted the at the right time and on fertile ground. Just like that, the body also needs be relaxed, healthy and ready to accept the fetus. There is a direct link between emotional memory and the ability to conceive, that teaches us that traumas and difficult past experiences, especially when not processed in a healthy way, can lead to emotional blockage, and become an obstacle when attempting to conceive a child. According to Chinese medicine, there is a direct link between the heart and the womb. feelings like fear, guilt and shame can get “Stuck” in the womb and make your efforts to bear a child much more difficult that it should be.

I invite you to come to my clinic, and with great bravery and courage, gently open up your emotional wounds from the past. We will go hand in hand through difficult journey, as complex and intricate as it might be, in order to prepare your body and soul for the miracle of life. We will wash blocked sources of energy, let go of emotional blockage and obstacles that are preventing conception, and clean up your body from past traumas and difficulties.

For over two decades over which I have been treating my patients and adding new techniques and tools to my arsenal, I have developed my unique “Free Flow” method. Bach flowers, healing sounds and the energetic wash are just some of the trusty and highly effective techniques and tools that I have incorporated in my method, which I will customize specifically for you, in order to help you in a process of cleansing and relaxation, aiding your breath to provide the necessary amount of oxygen for a proper bodily function, to bring peace to your body as well as readiness to accept the fetus.

I invite you to let go of obstacles and blockage, connect to your body and feminine energy… come with me on a journey in which we’ll create a fertile ground for you, and at the end of the day you will bear the fruits – a healthy child