I felt loved, comfortable, accepted, safe

“Hi Eliyahu,

I can’t find enough words to describe the thing I felt yesterday… I think that the word “enlightenment” is a grand word that feels a bit cheap, so I take caution not to use it. Another word I can think of is catharsis, a spiritual-conscious-physical experience of purification, cleansing, liberation and deep vent. I felt connected – to myself, to the truth, to light, to the origin, to infinity.. I felt happiness – true, refined, pure due to pure presence, pure being. I felt loved, comfortable, accepted, safe. I can tell you that this morning I feel like I’m floating. A sort of pleasant lightness and and deep peace due to the understanding that there is so much beyond the “physical reality” (or the one we describe as such). Thank you so much, you treat with divine grace. See you again soon 🙂 Chen”