I’ve decided to tell about my personal experience, so that other may benefit from this knowledge. Over the last 6 years, I’ve been suffering from an allergy that had suddenly appeared – just like that. I manifested in the form of a rash and a terrible itching all over my body. The allergy would appear each year from spring till winter, and sometimes would even go on beyond that period. I’ve consulted every possible medical specialist, and nothing helped. For over a year, I tried acupuncture treatment from one of Israel’s best experts, and that didn’t help either. The physical discomfort was horrible, making me feel borderline disabled, although I pushed myself through the pain to try and carry on with my daily life. I reached Eliyahu Sapir through a recommendation from a friend, who heard about him from her friends, who had experience with his methods. When I came to him for the first time, I explained to him that I don’t have much expectations of him, And that I’m trying this out because I have nothing to lose. He simply smiled and said nothing. I must say, that after the first session, the allergy was all but gone!!! But in addition to that, during the therapy, I’ve experienced a complex emotional experience, which I apparently did not let go, Blockades of which I did not know. Or, Like Eliyahu said, I went through an energetic wash out. I used to be an energetic, optimistic type But ever since the therapy, everything just got more powerful Full of joy for life, but also In peace of mind, capable to listen to my now-sharpened senses and intuition. Now, I feel like using every moment of life to the fullest And not to miss a thing. I know it sounds Strange, but it’s just like that for me In my personal experience. I feel like I went through a major change that is just beginning, and that what I tell will help others too.