I struggled with negative feelings

I came to Eli through a good friend. I heard very warm and good experiences. I came to him without expectations. Eli immediately gave me a good and warm impression.
I came for rebalancing because I was energy-free and through certain experiences I struggled with negative feelings.
During the treatment much energy was released because my whole body began to tickle and shaking. I felt a huge fear, but because of Eli’s trust, I could surrender to this feeling. During the session my head was empty while thoughts always went through my mind. I felt a lot of emotion but had no thoughts. My unconscious feelings came free and could leave my body. I have experienced this session very much. I had never felt my body so much and thought so little! I feel better after treatment. Certain situations can not affect me as before, which can keep in my energy and build up again.
I see the treatment as a big cleaning of negative energies that were stuck in my body. Thank you Eli for your warmth and trust that you gave me!