I’m not afraid of going to unfamiliar places

Dear Eli,
I came to you through a recommendation from a friend,
I came to you after trying several methods of treatment, but eventually the fear made me feel stuck and prevented me from living my life peacefully.
One of the fears was a fear of making mistakes, in unfamiliar roads to me.
For example: when I had to drive somewhere unknown, even though I had Waze with directions, I needed to prepare myself mentally before arriving at an unknown city, and I’d always join a friend or have a friend join me. I never dared to leave the city on my own.
Same goes to my personal life, I’d only do things I was sure of, 100% sure.
It has limited me and delayed me from actualizing things.
As I said, I came to you through a recommendation from a friend, I wasn’t familiar with your treatment methods, yet after seeing the changes my friend has gone through with you I decided to give in. You’ve greeted me well with a smile, no judgement, no criticism and professionally, which is what helped me open up and let go.
I don’t know how things work with your method, but I believed in you!!
My reality has changed.
On the first time, my friend drove to your clinic, and on that same week I’ve had the insurance company cover a second driver for my car. On the second time I gathered the courage to drive with her beside me (the insurance covered her replacing me in driving if I couldn’t drive myself) and honestly, there was no need for that.
On the third time, I arrived to you on my own, and continued to do so from that day on.
It may sound so simple but it was a frustrating burden for me to be dependent on others.
Not only am I driving out of the city alone these days, which helps me visit my children who live outside of town without being dependent on another person, but I also became more spontaneous, light hearted, and felt positive energy flowing in my life.
I keep saying that I don’t understand your methods, but it doesn’t even matter to me at this point. What matters is that my reality as of today looks completely different.
I’m not afraid of going to unfamiliar places, and I’m not afraid to execute the things I want to do. I’ve stepped far away from the words “afraid” and “stuck”, because these days I am confident and going with the flow.
Thank you so much,
Glad I came to you, and glad I have more of me to myself.
I highly recommend anyone who’s looking to make a change in their life to visit you.