I thought my heart couldn’t feel or fall in love

“Hello Eliyahu, I’ve had a very powerful experience in your clinic, I felt like negativity and toxins were leaving my body and my body is suddenly functioning a lot better. Most of all I’ve felt my heart, during and after the treatment, as if it’s back to functioning properly and can feel again. During the treatment I’ve felt butterflies going from my stomach to my heart, just like when you fall in love, which is a feeling I haven’t felt in years, I thought my heart could never feel or fall in love ever again, and that everything works like a machine…. My body still hurts in several places, but it’s not a pain that bothers me. I have accepted the pain. I’d love to come for another treatment in the future and continue using bach flower remedies.. Thank you so much for an amazing and liberating experience, for the warmth and attention, it felt just like home. Have a magical Saturday T. “