You  have giving me hope in a life full of blockage

Dear Eli
I wish I can stay, I wish I can work with you releasing all my demons. You  have giving me hope in a life full of blockages that has crippled me to live and to breathe. Our paths crossed as the universe set it out to happen. I traveled far (Canada) to see you in Israel and see my son of to go to the army. My first encounter with you was indeed spiritual , uplifting my life to a new level. The life I am meant to live with passion joy and intent. Creating a safe place for me with a combination of pressure points and gentle pressure you created space for my energy to flow outward and release the blockages that crippled me like a cancer. My body vibrated and shook ,tears rolling down my eyes of relieve , relief of letting go of what makes us weak
You are a master a true guru of your craft
thank you, thank you …I cannot wait to see you again and again,and again
Anim,49 , canada