I’ve been sick with cancer these past 5 years
I turned to Eliyahu Sapir for physical and mental support.
I’d like to take the opportunity to express how grateful and appreciative I am of Eliyahu, for the devoted, professional and most of all – human care I got during our sessions.
The ability to identify my unique sensitivities helped me deal with struggles I wasn’t even aware of, all through listening, personal connection and guidance. I felt like I was exposed to more things that were hidden within me and were messing with my day to day life from time to time.
This made me a lot stronger, and with it came also physical exercises to help the flow of energy in my body and better breathing that I have also practiced at home.
Eliyahu provided me with drops concocted by him, which I saw to be of high importance.
There’s no doubt that the connection between the body and soul is highly important, and it’s something Eliyahu knows how to do perfectly.
I found him to not only be a healer, but also a friend I could trust and open up to.
The conventional medical treatment and Eliyahu’s treatment went well hand in hand.
I am grateful for everything he’s done.