I’ve been searching for a cure for a long time

“Good week, Eliyahu.
For a long time I’ve been searching for a cure, a solution, an answer to indigestion I’ve suffered from. I’ve went to doctors, got tests done on me, tried different medications, attended meetings, drank teas and infusions until I almost gave up. During my search I’ve heard of Dr. Nader Boto, and a treatment called “Energetic washout”. I then met Eliyahu Sapir, Dr. Nader Boto’s student. In the last few months after a few sessions I’ve been experiencing changes that started out small, working it’s way to restore my digestive system to proper functioning. Tip-toeing, I am thrilled and excited with every sign of progress. Marvel, miracle, faith, Eliyahu you are talented, attentive and encouraging. Thank you so much.