Gave me hope and a glance at a better future

“I came to see Eliyahu after reading a recommendation about him through Dr. Nader Boto’s Facebook page. At the time I was in a point of stress, ocd, trauma and anxiety from the past. He treated me with an energetic washout, and bach flower remedies. The energetic washout was powerful at first, I was trembling and my muscles cramped as the traumatic negative energy left my body. The treatment also helped me with guided imagery, gave me hope and a glance at a better future, which was too difficult to imagine on my own. Now I can relieve myself on my own anytime I feel down. I highly recommend visiting Eliyahu because of his warmth, love and care, he truly wants to help, he’s very kind and calming. I can see and feel the sincerity in his will to help, which is something I highly value with a therapist. Y.”