Feeling like a whole new woman

“I’ve found a wizard.
My wizard’s name is Eliyahu.
Every time, over and over, I can’t believe how much the treatment helps.
I always walk out of the clinic feeling 20 years younger.
No spells and no mumbles,
He’s a man that knows how to touch. Both body and soul.
A wizard with the sole purpose of restoring balance, wisdom, insight.
A wizard that helps release fears and break you free from the shackles of the past.
A wizard that makes any pain vanish with the touch of a hand.
In a clinic in Rishpon, before entering I’ve already felt like in a fairytale, like Alice.
The music does it’s thing, and no session ends without a hug, or begins without one.
I didn’t think of writing this. But this week, when I arrived at this magical place, it was on Sunday, and I was in severe pain. So severe, I had to get shots. No matter by whom or how.
An hour later, I came out, feeling like a whole new woman.
No pain. No pain whatsoever.
No pain? How could that be?
What happened within one hour?
Alright, I know I’m going to need surgery in just a moment.
My eighth one, need I remind you.
But for now, I gained my normal life back.
This wizard brews bach flower remedies, for any purpose. And I am calm.
For good night’s rest, for serenity, for happiness. Every patient gets a remedy that’s right for him and only him.
I know what you might be thinking. But I swear, it works.
I would bother writing about it otherwise.
I know that this time my body would be prepared for the ride.
And more important, my soul, that’s so scared.
This time I will not fall apart. This time will be different.
Can’t wait for next week’s session.
And I recommend it. I highly recommend it.
For the body. For the soul. For the positive energies.
For the energetic block that gets released more and more with every time.
For anything that’s good for you.
Do something unconventional for yourself.
You have to really connect to it. Come with an open mind.
Anyone who’s an anti – stay at home. I know many people like that. This is not the place for them. It’s their loss, and only theirs.
Cynics, stay at home.
But those who are willing to give it a chance…..
Try it, my dear friends.
Maximum, it’ll help you.
Thank you, dear wizard, for all the help, encouragement, kind words, guidance, and of course, a treatment like no other.
There’s no person on earth that doesn’t need this experience. I don’t believe it.