rediscovered my sexuality

I wanted to write here and just tell what happened to me.
I came to Eliyahu because I felt blocked, disconnected from my body and my emotions.
Despite longtime psychological therapy, and even though I know I can analyze and understand situations, I was disconnected from my emotions and from my body.
Let’s start by saying that I am a big skeptic and don’t believe in anything (I was going to say: “I don’t believe in anything other than gravity”, but for most of its years humanity didn’t see or believe in gravity).
I came to Eli for just one treatment, I didn’t really feel too much during the session, and not even after.
But now, one year later, I’m in a completely different place. I went back to doing my passion in life, rediscovered my sexuality, and got rid of the feelings of guilt that accompanied me since forever. My body feels different, soft and flowing. I’m not longer afraid of anything.
I won’t say that the single session with Eli is all that caused the change, but it’s definitely probable that the treatment opened up, or helped me open up many blocks, and in turn allow for change.