The thought that a male stranger will touch me

I’ve began Eliyahu’s therapy about a year ago. I began attending this therapy following recommendation from family members, who had undergone Eliyahu’s treatment as well. A year ago, I was happy and joyous – like I am today, but not quite the same. Before the first session with Eliyahu, the thought that a male stranger will touch me scared me, and continuous doubts about his dignity were always on my mind – which prevented me from opening and becoming more immersed in the therapy. Eliyahu’s loving and caring character, somewhat father-like even, helped me overcome my doubts and trust him fully right after the first session. This first session began with energetic wash out, during which I relaxed, shook, cried, and disconnected from all the things that I didn’t even know that were bothering and burdening me. Of course, I returned for another session, and eventually, the therapy became more about forward thinking and development, and less about dealing with the past. I felt that Eliyahu understands me, and knows what’s right for me. Together, we could point the finger on the things that prevented me from developing further, that stood in my way. Among those, was a lot of criticism I had, both towards myself, and my surroundings, pressure, and a constant desire to please others, which made me forget myself completely in most cases. Eliyahu gave me the instruments with which I could overcome the obstacles not only during therapy sessions, but also on my own, between sessions. I understand that I have great potential, which I failed to realize with way of conduct, and understood that I must embrace this potential. Of course, the fact that Eliyahu always gave me a feeling that he believes in me was very significant to me. I haven’t come to Eliyahu with a specific fear or problem, but rather, simply to improve myself and live life as best as I could. So, I am still happy and joyous as I was a year ago, but different – better (with, of course, room for more improvement)
Gil, 19