I thought my heart can’t feel and fall in love

Hi Eliyahu, I went through a very powerful experience in your clinic, I felt that the negativity and poison in my body flushed out and my body suddenly works better. I especially felt my heart throughout the treatment and after, as if it works again and is able to feel. During the treatment I felt like butterflies were coming up from my belly to my heart the same as when you fall in love, and this is a feeling I haven’t felt in years, I thought my heart can’t feel and fall in love, and everything is working like a machine…
My body still hurts in some places but it’s not a bothersome pain, I accept it.
I would love to come back for another treatment and to continue with the Bach flowers…
Thank you for a wonderful and liberating experience, for the warmth and your listening. I felt at home.
Have a lovely weekend.