guidance and care

Dear Eliyahu,
We came to you while being in the darkest place that we have ever been in, feeling that we as parents could not help our son anymore, who suffers from a difficult and persistent disease that have brought complex mental problems, a low self-esteem, social issues and more… after years and years of going to Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and social workers, we were obviously very skeptic when we were told about you. How could we not be after all these years? But from our very first introductory conversation, we saw how gentle and understanding you are, which made us decide to go for it, and believe that it just might work 🙂
That’s when the magic started to happen. You and our son met, and a great bond was formed from the very first session. He thoroughly enjoyed your conversation and couldn’t wait for the next time he’ll get to talk to you again. The decision to extend this bond into multiple sessions has been so right for him, and today, I’m proud to say with tears of joy in my eyes, that our son is in a whole other place!!! He is so much Happier, calmer, more confident and perhaps most importantly, was told by his doctors that he can get off those meds he took for years and years!!!
Dear Eliyahu, you are not only an amazing human being, but your guidance and care quite literally saved our son, and no words could ever capture our sense of gratitude towards you ♥️♥️♥️