After just a few sessions, I can see the change in my child

“Writing just a few words won’t be nearly enough to describe a person as special as you, Eliyahu Sapir.. A man with a huge soul, sensitive, attentive and caring, Gives personal treatment to every patient Accurate diagnosis and treatment with amazing results Each person must go through a special treatment like that And for that I’d like to greatly thank you I want to tell all the mothers, that the education system doesn’t help and clinics only solve the problems with medication or send the children to get diagnosed by special doctors with months waiting time.. And you can’t help a child with emotional problems, attention problems or ADHD. Yes, with Eliyahu you will find the solution. Here you will find a man with a soul, a sensitive man that no child can’t connect to a heart his size. The most important thing is the amazing results after just a few sessions, you can definitely see the changes in the child, lots of light and hope, the confidence.. All of it was back only thanks to you. Thank you once again for everything.