I discovered that I’m pregnant

I came to Eliyahu for the first time almost 4 years ago…
A woman suffering from Crohn’s disease and Fibromyalgia, with tremendous will and ambition to find herself in this world, and to finally conceive a daughter after giving birth to two boys. I arrived at Eliyahu’s clinic filled with doubts, fears, and energetic blockages, with my confidence being at an all-time low… But with the help of a magical and tension releasing treatment which incorporates deep conversations, Bach flowers, therapeutic touch and breathing exercises (who knew there was even such a thing as proper and healthy breathing?) I have experienced visions deeply derived from my strong intuition about giving birth, and about how this pregnancy will lead me forward in my path…
Looking back, it is very clear to me that it was Eliyahu who helped plant the seeds who blossomed into the person I am today, and lead me to the path I chose to walk on…
Our sessions only stopped when I discovered that I’m pregnant (My lovely daughter is 3 years old today), and I have also learned NLP and became an alternative medicine therapist myself…
Eliyahu is peaceful, loving, attentive and non-judgmental, while of course being extremely precise and professional…
Years and years of ordinary Therapy sessions by multiple Psychologists have never made such a tremendous positive impact on my way of life and feelings as Eliyahu did, and for that I will always be grateful and remember our positive and empowering sessions very fondly…
I can’t recommend him enough!!!

I am grateful for not choosing the easy path of anxiety pills 

“My experience with the treatment.
After a period of anxiety and trouble sleeping, sleeping for 2 hours a day with sleeping pills.. After numerous psychological therapy sessions (that usually ended up being just conversational), I visited Eliyahu Sapir after getting recommendations about him.
To be honest, I was very skeptical. I arrived from sheer desperation. I realized that this would either help (and again.. I don’t believe in conventional treatments) or I’ll start taking anxiety medication with all of their side effects.
On the first session, that was a bit longer than the following ones, we were mostly talking so he could get to know me. I remember saying to myself ‘here we go, another therapy session under a different title..’
After we were done talking the treatment started. I was asked to loosen up, which was very difficult for me, considering I didn’t believe in such treatments. But something felt much deeper than any other therapy session I’ve ever had.
At the end of the session he told me my body might be shaking and that it’s a natural reaction to an energetic washout.
When I came home, my husband asked me how the session went, and I started trembling.
I remember telling him that it’s probably my my mind deciding that my body should start shaking and I still couldn’t believe that it happened!!
On the same day I went to sleep at 6pm and ended up sleeping until 10am the next day.
(Remember how I couldn’t sleep more than 2 hours a day??)
I woke up to a new world – I’ve regained my faith, I could let go of the anxiety. I could go back to my ordinary life!
Of course I had to go back to a few more sessions, and with each session I’ve felt like I finally understand what it meant to loosen up and and imagining new things. I’ve learned to enjoy the sessions and let myself experience each one of them.
I’m really happy I was recommended to visit him.
I am grateful for not choosing the easy path of anxiety pills and that there is another way of getting through a time like this.
I’ve gained a new perspective. The world has become calmer. I am very thankful.


I’ve been struggling with severe migraines for 30 years

I’ve been struggling with severe migraines for 30 “Dear Eliyahu, I would like to thank you for the devoted and sensitive treatment that you’ve given all of us (my daughter, my husband and me). We all feel significantly better with our lives since the treatment. Especially me, who suffered from severe migraines for 30 years in a way that interfered with my daily life. Ever since the second treatment you could say that the pain has vanished and life is wonderful. My daughter, who also suffered from terrible headaches, feels great after the treatments. I recommend to anyone reading this lines, and in general anyone I know, who carries a problem with no explanation or cure, to visit you for a liberating treatment. I thank you wholeheartedly for everything.


The body is floating. Liberated. Free

“Wow!!!! I don’t know how to explain. I have no words. Only sensations. The body is floating. Liberated. Free. The shoulders don’t hurt. Although I cried a lot, I am not exhausted. I do feel excited. Connected. Loved. Loving. I was crying. Screaming. Breathing. Getting mad. Pounding. I fell apart. Reconnected. I was in pain. I hated. I loved. I got emotional. I met. I met myself. I met myself as the little girl that I was. I felt sorry for her. I loved her. I walked hand in hand with her. Like a big, loving, guarding sister. With a lot of love. And a lot of closeness. With great, pleasant warmth that passed between us. Great, pleasant warmth that embraced us. I could say to her “I love you! I love you!!!” And now I say to her – Let’s go with courage. Let’s go as heroes. Let’s go with health. Let’s go to the end. With no fear. We are here together, strong and brave. We will live. Be happy, go crazy over my husband and the kids, go for it, be ourselves, let everything we have bottled up inside of us out in the open. Give ourselves love, plenty of it, because we deserve it!!!! M.”

I know how to accept myself

Several months of emotional, touching, “rambling” and empowering sessions and treatments together with Bach flower remedies.
I started out with difficult feelings and anxieties about life, money, work, and more…
The process was slow, but every session was full of compassion, examination in order to reach maximal accuracy both in the energy washout treatment and the Bach flowers remedies.
Today, several months later, I feel like I’m in a new place, more accurate and knowledgeable – what is and isn’t, how to ask better questions, how to accept myself and how to start trusting the universe and understand what I want to bring into it.
I recommend every single person as a crossroad in their life, restless about any aspect of their lives…
I feel like I’ve won
Thank you, dear Eliyahu (: