As a cancer survivor

Hi Eliyahu,
I’ve come to see you with the recommendation of a friend in order to relieve stress and start a process of healing for my soul.
As a past cancer survivor, I found it important to treat my soul and body with something like an energetic washout as part of the deep healing process.
I never imagined that right after the first treatment I’d feel a huge impact like this and be liberated beyond my expectations.
I don’t know if I can put into words the experience I’ve had, I was excited, emotional and free.
You’ve allowed me, in a professional and sensitive way, to connect with my soul deeply and everything I was too scared to do, and not be afraid to look inside and love who I am today and who I was in any stage of my life.
I’d like to thank you for the patience, sensitivity and care,
I’m glad I came to you and got to know you and your treatment methods.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’ve been sick with cancer these past 5 years

I’ve been sick with cancer these past 5 years
I turned to Eliyahu Sapir for physical and mental support.
I’d like to take the opportunity to express how grateful and appreciative I am of Eliyahu, for the devoted, professional and most of all – human care I got during our sessions.
The ability to identify my unique sensitivities helped me deal with struggles I wasn’t even aware of, all through listening, personal connection and guidance. I felt like I was exposed to more things that were hidden within me and were messing with my day to day life from time to time.
This made me a lot stronger, and with it came also physical exercises to help the flow of energy in my body and better breathing that I have also practiced at home.
Eliyahu provided me with drops concocted by him, which I saw to be of high importance.
There’s no doubt that the connection between the body and soul is highly important, and it’s something Eliyahu knows how to do perfectly.
I found him to not only be a healer, but also a friend I could trust and open up to.
The conventional medical treatment and Eliyahu’s treatment went well hand in hand.
I am grateful for everything he’s done.

I was in complete peace, I don’t know what he did

I was in complete peace, I don’t know what he did
After chemotherapy I felt like my body and soul need a serious, comforting deep cleanse, to rid me of all the gunk, and I searched and searched and found the perfect man for the job.
He was accurate in our conversation and precisely understanding me, he provided the perfect way to treat me. Everything that I’ve been bottling up inside, that was bothering and burdening me, was completely out in the open within our first conversation, and later on during the method he used in his treatment. I was in complete peace, I don’t know what he did but I felt that everything was flowing out of my body. The heart was at ease. After a few sessions and using some bach flower remedies at home, followed by proper advice, I knew I reached my goal with a heart and soul that are open and calm. Huge thanks to the man who helped me.