A Fearless Skeptic

I wanted to use this platform to write down what happened to me. I came to Eliyahu because I felt like I was stuck, disconnected from my body and my emotions. Despite going through long therapy sessions, despite the fact that I know how to analyze and be aware of different scenarios, I couldn’t put my finger on how to solve this disconnect. I should mention that I am a big skeptic and don’t really believe in anything (I wanted to say that I believe in nothing but Gravity, but for the majority of human existence no one believed in it). I wasn’t feeling a big change after my first session with Eliyahu, and not shortly after. But over a year later, I’m at a totally different place. I went back to my beloved profession (which I believe is a big part of what I was destined to do on this earth), rediscovered my sexuality, and let go of my feelings of guilt which have persistently accompanied me for as long as I can remember. My body feels different, far less tense, and more at ease. And I’m not scared anymore, of anything at all. I won’t say that going to Eliyahu was the only thing that made this change, but it is likely that it opened some gaps and blockages which allowed this change to take place.


My Fear of Driving

I came to you because of a suffocating fear that took over me every time I put my hands on the wheel. Driving is a crucial aspect of my job and therefore my life, and because of that I did everything I could to forget about this one accident that have caused this fear. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t do it all by myself. Someone recommended me to try and release my energetic blockages, which led me to you… with your warm and pleasant attitude, you gave me the confidence I needed to know that everything is going to be okay, and that together, we will succeed. “It’s important that you take a deep breath every time the pain occurs”, you added, “for you to acknowledge the pain and let it go “. I also had issues regarding concentration, tiredness and stress deriving from a stressful lifestyle (which added to my feeling of being unsafe on the road), and continuous joint pains that were getting worse and worse the more I drove. I was curious and excited about our first session. I didn’t know what to expect. But from the very beginning, I felt like my body is giving in to your therapeutic touch. I felt safe while you were tracking down the exact spots which caused me pain and taught me how to breath in a healthy way. It may sound like I was suffering, but my body dealt with it as I felt how my pain and stress are gradually decreasing. Then came the second session, after which I felt even more confident on the road, and even called you a magician J. I want to add that the treatment with Bach flowers which you stand by, was of great help during our first sessions and made me feel safe, but that the personalized Bach flowers for my tiredness and concentrating issues were not as effective to me personally. Thank you so much for all of your help, and I will continue to come for sessions and recommend your emotional healing sessions.

Michal, 42. Poleg

I discovered that I’m pregnant

I came to Eliyahu for the first time almost 4 years ago…
A woman suffering from Crohn’s disease and Fibromyalgia, with tremendous will and ambition to find herself in this world, and to finally conceive a daughter after giving birth to two boys. I arrived at Eliyahu’s clinic filled with doubts, fears, and energetic blockages, with my confidence being at an all-time low… But with the help of a magical and tension releasing treatment which incorporates deep conversations, Bach flowers, therapeutic touch and breathing exercises (who knew there was even such a thing as proper and healthy breathing?) I have experienced visions deeply derived from my strong intuition about giving birth, and about how this pregnancy will lead me forward in my path…
Looking back, it is very clear to me that it was Eliyahu who helped plant the seeds who blossomed into the person I am today, and lead me to the path I chose to walk on…
Our sessions only stopped when I discovered that I’m pregnant (My lovely daughter is 3 years old today), and I have also learned NLP and became an alternative medicine therapist myself…
Eliyahu is peaceful, loving, attentive and non-judgmental, while of course being extremely precise and professional…
Years and years of ordinary Therapy sessions by multiple Psychologists have never made such a tremendous positive impact on my way of life and feelings as Eliyahu did, and for that I will always be grateful and remember our positive and empowering sessions very fondly…
I can’t recommend him enough!!!

I now am aware of my uncertainty.

I now am aware of my uncertainty. I was busy with something I wasn’t aware.
I was holding my breathe in situations, and I don’t know why. I just stop. and hold.
The border is something what seems to be repeating and I don’t know the cause.
I have goals and on the way I meet people and on one way or another in the past they tried to claim. But I’m already a lot further and the border is there, somehow I feel that.
It is for me important and better that someone gives me that, like you did by saying. It helped me.
And some people, I don’t need them. That’s for sure.
sandra, 30 , holland


The thought that a male stranger will touch me

I’ve began Eliyahu’s therapy about a year ago. I began attending this therapy following recommendation from family members, who had undergone Eliyahu’s treatment as well. A year ago, I was happy and joyous – like I am today, but not quite the same. Before the first session with Eliyahu, the thought that a male stranger will touch me scared me, and continuous doubts about his dignity were always on my mind – which prevented me from opening and becoming more immersed in the therapy. Eliyahu’s loving and caring character, somewhat father-like even, helped me overcome my doubts and trust him fully right after the first session. This first session began with energetic wash out, during which I relaxed, shook, cried, and disconnected from all the things that I didn’t even know that were bothering and burdening me. Of course, I returned for another session, and eventually, the therapy became more about forward thinking and development, and less about dealing with the past. I felt that Eliyahu understands me, and knows what’s right for me. Together, we could point the finger on the things that prevented me from developing further, that stood in my way. Among those, was a lot of criticism I had, both towards myself, and my surroundings, pressure, and a constant desire to please others, which made me forget myself completely in most cases. Eliyahu gave me the instruments with which I could overcome the obstacles not only during therapy sessions, but also on my own, between sessions. I understand that I have great potential, which I failed to realize with way of conduct, and understood that I must embrace this potential. Of course, the fact that Eliyahu always gave me a feeling that he believes in me was very significant to me. I haven’t come to Eliyahu with a specific fear or problem, but rather, simply to improve myself and live life as best as I could. So, I am still happy and joyous as I was a year ago, but different – better (with, of course, room for more improvement)
Gil, 19

I’m not afraid of going to unfamiliar places

Dear Eli,
I came to you through a recommendation from a friend,
I came to you after trying several methods of treatment, but eventually the fear made me feel stuck and prevented me from living my life peacefully.
One of the fears was a fear of making mistakes, in unfamiliar roads to me.
For example: when I had to drive somewhere unknown, even though I had Waze with directions, I needed to prepare myself mentally before arriving at an unknown city, and I’d always join a friend or have a friend join me. I never dared to leave the city on my own.
Same goes to my personal life, I’d only do things I was sure of, 100% sure.
It has limited me and delayed me from actualizing things.
As I said, I came to you through a recommendation from a friend, I wasn’t familiar with your treatment methods, yet after seeing the changes my friend has gone through with you I decided to give in. You’ve greeted me well with a smile, no judgement, no criticism and professionally, which is what helped me open up and let go.
I don’t know how things work with your method, but I believed in you!!
My reality has changed.
On the first time, my friend drove to your clinic, and on that same week I’ve had the insurance company cover a second driver for my car. On the second time I gathered the courage to drive with her beside me (the insurance covered her replacing me in driving if I couldn’t drive myself) and honestly, there was no need for that.
On the third time, I arrived to you on my own, and continued to do so from that day on.
It may sound so simple but it was a frustrating burden for me to be dependent on others.
Not only am I driving out of the city alone these days, which helps me visit my children who live outside of town without being dependent on another person, but I also became more spontaneous, light hearted, and felt positive energy flowing in my life.
I keep saying that I don’t understand your methods, but it doesn’t even matter to me at this point. What matters is that my reality as of today looks completely different.
I’m not afraid of going to unfamiliar places, and I’m not afraid to execute the things I want to do. I’ve stepped far away from the words “afraid” and “stuck”, because these days I am confident and going with the flow.
Thank you so much,
Glad I came to you, and glad I have more of me to myself.
I highly recommend anyone who’s looking to make a change in their life to visit you.