A Fearless Skeptic

I wanted to use this platform to write down what happened to me. I came to Eliyahu because I felt like I was stuck, disconnected from my body and my emotions. Despite going through long therapy sessions, despite the fact that I know how to analyze and be aware of different scenarios, I couldn’t put my finger on how to solve this disconnect. I should mention that I am a big skeptic and don’t really believe in anything (I wanted to say that I believe in nothing but Gravity, but for the majority of human existence no one believed in it). I wasn’t feeling a big change after my first session with Eliyahu, and not shortly after. But over a year later, I’m at a totally different place. I went back to my beloved profession (which I believe is a big part of what I was destined to do on this earth), rediscovered my sexuality, and let go of my feelings of guilt which have persistently accompanied me for as long as I can remember. My body feels different, far less tense, and more at ease. And I’m not scared anymore, of anything at all. I won’t say that going to Eliyahu was the only thing that made this change, but it is likely that it opened some gaps and blockages which allowed this change to take place.


I Was Sexually Abused

I would like to share a traumatic experience that happened to me when I was a little girl. When I was around 4 or 5, a stranger sexually abused me. It ended quickly, but it scarred me for life. This scar stayed with me for years and years. I kept this secret with a feeling of hopelessness and shame. I went through psychological treatment and brought it up, as I thought that talking about it could help me heal. I even shared this traumatic experience with my partner, which also helped a bit. Then I got divorced (for other reasons of course) and went to therapy again, in which this trauma was identified as a crucial factor negatively affecting many aspects of my personal and romantic life, among them not being able to give birth, even though there was no identifiable physiological problem. I came to Eliyahu to in order to release my body from tension, and aided by his incredible intuition and compassion, I shared my traumatic past with him. Eliyahu led our session peacefully and gently and made me feel like I want to release this trauma that was burdening my life, to free myself from this lump that suffocated my life and my body. I wanted to share my story because I know there are thousands of women (and more than a few men) that have shared similar experiences, and that the trauma derived from it plays a big role in their lives, while stopping them from reaching their full potential (in my case even the ability to give birth). I want all of you to look in the mirror and say enough!!! I deserve a full life, free of the shadows that are trying to contaminate them, to live in the light, be at peace with my body and soul, and in some cases become a parent. I want to Thank you Eliyahu Sapir and to my inner child that said enough!!! I can live my life, I’m the one who decides who I am and who I can be, And I always choose new love, decisions, and beginnings.

Chagit, 48. Tel Aviv

rediscovered my sexuality

I wanted to write here and just tell what happened to me.
I came to Eliyahu because I felt blocked, disconnected from my body and my emotions.
Despite longtime psychological therapy, and even though I know I can analyze and understand situations, I was disconnected from my emotions and from my body.
Let’s start by saying that I am a big skeptic and don’t believe in anything (I was going to say: “I don’t believe in anything other than gravity”, but for most of its years humanity didn’t see or believe in gravity).
I came to Eli for just one treatment, I didn’t really feel too much during the session, and not even after.
But now, one year later, I’m in a completely different place. I went back to doing my passion in life, rediscovered my sexuality, and got rid of the feelings of guilt that accompanied me since forever. My body feels different, soft and flowing. I’m not longer afraid of anything.
I won’t say that the single session with Eli is all that caused the change, but it’s definitely probable that the treatment opened up, or helped me open up many blocks, and in turn allow for change.